John Edwards’ Dave Matthews Band wedding

John Edwards told his mistress that Dave Matthews Band would play at their wedding after his cancer-stricken wife died, according to The New York Times.

The Dave Matthews Band wedding promise is part of a much larger story about a federal investigation into Edwards’ affair with Rielle Hunter and his possibly upcoming admission that he fathered her 19-month-old daughter.

The Times cites an Edwards aide’s book proposal that says Edwards, the former North Carolina senator and Democratic nominee for vice president, promised Hunter he would marry her in a New York rooftop ceremony featuring a DMB performance. (Edwards’ wife Elizabeth Edwards has breast cancer.)

Edwards apparently thought he could pull some strings with DMB because Boyd Tinsley was a major supporter of his, donated money to his campaigns and played at fundraiser concerts. Hunter also used Boyd’s song “True Reflections” in four videos she produced for Edwards’ failed 2008 presidential campaign.

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