Dave Matthews: ‘I don’t know’ where DMB goes from here

dave matthews

Dave Matthews introduces opening band Mariachi El Bronx at Dave Matthews Band’s May 25, 2012 concert in Hartford, Connecticut.

Dave Matthews has some conflicting things to say about Dave Matthews Band’s future and its hardcore fans.

In a new interview with Rolling Stone, Dave discussed the challenges of writing songs for the new DMB album, Away From the World, plus his thoughts on the 2012 presidential election and AC/DC. His response to the questions, “What about the future of the band? Where do you see DMB going from here?” were concerning to some fans, however.

“I don’t know,” Dave replied. “There are two sides to everything. I feed this beast that I’m part of, and in some way I worry that it loses legitimacy. Then there’s the other part of me that says I’m really lucky to be part of something that turns a lot of people on and still turns us on.”

Dave also had this to say about DMB’s hardcore fans, particularly those who track the band’s setlists in real time:

“It makes it harder for us to get any new fans. People are like, ‘I don’t want to be part of that!’ There’s certainly an obsessed core, and I have to be grateful.”

The interview is light on details about Away From the World, which comes out Sept. 11. It describes the song “If Only,” which DMB played this summer, as being inspired by Al Green, and it calls “Drunken Soldier” a “trippy, 10-minute epic,” which matches earlier reviews.

“Nowadays, I have to dig a lot harder when I’m writing,” Dave said. “I’m more critical. There’s a freedom to being young that is harder to come by as time goes on.”

Photo by Jon Wilkins.

  • http://www.twitter.com/bryant41 Bryant

    It’s concerning to see that Dave also said Boyd is on another planet or something to that effect. Maybe Rolling Stone caught him on a bad day.

  • http://www.dmbnews.net Colin Steele

    Rolling Stone asked Dave about Boyd’s comment that the new album feels like the old days, and Dave’s reply was, “I’m not sure Boyd and I live on the same planet.” Then he went into the final quote in the post above. Clearly he doesn’t think this album feels like the old days.

    • Blauvs

      Yeah, I think you’ve made the important distinction there, Colin. For Dave, it doesn’t feel like the old days because he’s more critical of himself and writing is not so free and easy anymore. For Boyd, he’s probably talking more about the songs themselves, or the recording process with Lillywhite… at least that’s my interpretation of it.

      I think people need to chill out a little bit!

  • Katy

    link for the interview?

    • http://www.dmbnews.net Colin Steele

      It’s not online yet. Only print.

  • Josh

    The current issue?

  • erik

    boyd told me on twitter that dave doesn’t even have the violin in his IEMs anymore, cause it “frustrates him to hear the off-note skreeeeeeeefest Boyd provides” endquote. then he said dave was too into his other ventures like, wine, ATO records, films, and non-profit activism… he’s surprised and disappointed at the band now. he feels they rushed an album out of him which wasn’t him. we’ll see.

    • http://www.dmbnews.net Colin Steele

      Do you have links to where Boyd supposedly said that?

    • Rick

      That’s quite a revelation. Sort of begs a “pics or it didn’t happen” follow-up.

      • http://www.dmbnews.net Colin Steele

        Yes, I’m very doubtful he said that.

    • Blauvs

      That has to be a fake quote, he didn’t mention Narnia! LOLz

    • Carol

      Sounds like a little too honest from Boyd. He usually keeps it positive; he knows the PR game.

  • Bill

    When did this guy that we are all such big fans of turn into a prick?

  • Chuck

    Seems to me that Dave probably is grateful for a wonderful 20 year run but is wanting to venture into new creative outlets. its interesting to me that warehouse members (which i am) got a free album download with each ticket confirmed.it seems the album is for the fans and no one else hence virtually no publicity for the album release. isn’t it very DMB like to bring back the producer who was a pinnacle part of your stardom and give that album to your fans who have ensured your success for 20 years? Its DMB’s way of saying ‘thank you its been a blast!’ its no secret that these guys have been known to not get along. If this is the end I think its a really classy way to do it and I hope Dave ventures into new interesting outlets that continue to bring his unique artistic perspective into new formats.

    • Blauvs

      I remember when DMB announcing a tour break in 2011 was taken as a sign of impending doom for the band. And here they are, releasing another album after a full 2012 summer tour (not to mention they DID play 13 full-band Caravan shows in 2011 despite being on a “break”).

      Not saying that what you’re suggesting isn’t entirely possible… just saying that they’ll call and end to it when they’re ready, and I’m pretty sure that after the band members and their families and friends at RLM, we the fans will be the first to know.

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  • Dave Novak

    I’ve been at the same job for 15 years and with anything like that it becomes an never ending loop of the same thing over and over. I believe it is hard to find the motivation to carry on and find the inspiration inside when feelings of the grind are present. I appreciate their mark on music and what they have meant to a lot of people. Sometimes a long over due break will bring back the loss Dave is feeling. I would much rather the band go their separate ways for a while to fulfill their other desires then to see them fall apart on stage. I don’t know the dynamics of all their friendships within in the band but do know its better to give space and let the gravity of heart draw you together again. Also many bands like Kiss, Eagles, and Rolling Stones have split just to get back together when the time was right. I wish them well and many blessings no matter what happens.

  • mike k

    I read the article and I’m less concerned about what was said than what I heard of Away From The World at his show in
    West Palm Beach FL in July. This confirmed my disappointing preview listening of Mercy and Gaucho. BORING!!!!
    The show was going great until it hit the wall with these songs. What saved the show for me was Dave’s solo encore of
    an amazing cover of Whiter Shade of Pale.

    Personally, I’d prefer to have Dave release another solo album than have the DMB lose direction. Some Devil
    contains many of my favorite songs.

  • Aprille Walker

    I’m obsessed with this band and I loved Away From the World. I wld b so devastated if they ended

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