New DMB Warehouse ticket policy could stick fans on lawn

dave matthews band ticket

A Dave Matthews Band ticket from 2001

A change to the Dave Matthews Band Warehouse ticket policy has some fans worried they’ll be stuck with seats they don’t want.

Under the new rules, the Warehouse will distribute tickets to all fans on a best-available basis. For example, if you request pavilion seats at an amphitheater concert, but you aren’t selected, you will then be considered for lawn seats. In the past, fans had the option to check a box and make all-or-nothing requests for different seating levels.

The concern among some fans is that they’ll be forced to buy lawn seats through the Warehouse, then have to buy better seats through Ticketmaster or other outlets — and, if a certain show isn’t sold out, that they won’t get face value when trying to sell their lawn seats.

The new DMB Warehouse ticket policy reads:

“The Warehouse offers tickets in multiple levels for certain events and throughout the entire venue. Members may choose their first preference for which they will be considered in the random selection process. If not chosen for their first preference in the random selection process they will then be considered for any subsequent level. … For example, if a member selects GA Floor Standing, they may be confirmed for GA Floor Standing or the next available level of seating based on availability (this could be Reserved Pavilion or GA Lawn in an amphitheatre).”

Fans are speaking out against the change in threads on, the DMB Family Facebook group and Twitter. Here’s some of what they’re saying:

What do you think about the change to DMB’s Warehouse ticket policy? Let us know in the comments below.

UPDATE (Jan. 17, 8:54 a.m.): The Warehouse has relented and will not require fans to accept best available tickets after all.

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  • sully4of5

    Any additions to the below before I submit? Proposed petition below. Please comment and let me know if
    you support this petition as outlined below. I wiill submit today

    1. Who do you want to petition?

    Dave Matthews Band Fan Club “DMB Warehouse”

    2. What do you want them to do?

    Allow members the option of being considered for one specific pricing
    tier. Prior to the 2012 Winter Tour, Warehouse members had the option of
    being considered for one specific ticketing tier, or for all tiers by
    way of selecting “best available.” For 2013, fans will now only be
    permitted to select a preference of tiers, and will be considered for
    their preferred tier as well as every other lower tier, which will
    inherently result in many members receiving tickets they do not want.

    3. Why is this important?

    Members of the Warehouse pay an annual fee to enjoy specific benefits,
    the most important of which is the right to purchase tickets before the
    general public. The value of this perk is made virtually worthless by
    the new guidelines, as many members will be forced to purchase
    undesirable lawn tickets that could easily be obtained independent of
    the Warehouse. As evidenced by the popularity of the option to choose a
    specific ticketing tier, many fans would rather be declined than stuck
    with tickets they do not want, will not use and will have a difficult
    time selling. This is not a free fan site, we pay an annual membership
    and lawn tickets for shows that the band is unable to sell out is not a

    Many fans, due to age, comfort or disability are only able to enjoy a
    show from seats. Many fans would rather be declined for tickets rather
    than stand in the lawn. If the guidelines do not change than members
    will begin to leave the fan club, as we are forced to use Ticketmaster
    for our ticket purchases. Tours in recent years have not been selling
    out, and the new ticket guidelines are pushing your loyalist fans
    further away. Many people were unhappy to be in the rafters during the
    winter tour, we will not accept lawn for the summer tour.

  • Julie Chandler

    I would think this will greatly reduce the warehouse’s ability to sell tickets. I,for one,will be getting my tickets elsewhere. Kind of a slap in the face to your fans. :(

  • sully4of5
  • phinetune

    they need to stop charging the fan club yearly fee, there is no more greedy operation than DmB! Mr Matthews has made it clear in recent months that he is not fan friendly and this is concret proof. I will be cancelling my 15 year membership and frankly theyre not worth the money anymore anyway. Cancel the fee and have it be a totally random seat drawing. At the very least stop calling it a FAN association f’in Crooks! This was a predictible move, just like their music has become.

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  • 20Bones

    It also allows you to pick the lawn and possibly get bumped up to pavilion…

    The lawn is the best place to be… especially at the Gorge where not only is the setlist different every night, but you can change the mind raping view every night as well.

  • Reid

    Wow! Even ticket master, which doesn’t require a $35.00 a year membership allows you to choose your seats. Over an almost decade I’ve had descent tickets twice. 2009 at Vegas and 2010 at Gorge. The rest were just awful. I’m debating even attempting tickets this year through WH and just going through ticket master or other options.

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