Dave Matthews Band going into the studio in November

Dave Matthews Band is heading back into the studio this fall.

The next DMB studio sessions will take place in November, before the band’s South Africa tour. Jeff Coffin told a fan at The Gorge about the sessions, and that fan relayed the information to us. Tim Reynolds’ band T3 also canceled its November tour dates, and one of the scheduled venues cited the DMB studio sessions as the reason.

“Unfortunately our Nov. 1 show with Tim Reynolds has been postponed, as Tim has been called into the studio with DMB,” Evanston SPACE wrote in a since-deleted Facebook post.

Steve Lillywhite, who produced DMB’s first three studio albums plus last year’s Away From the World, said on Twitter he will not be part of the next recording.

There’s a lot of other rumors and speculation about the next DMB studio sessions, but that’s all we know for sure for now.

Brittany Schultz contributed to this report.

Photo by Anthony Abu-Hanna.


  • DMB_Ottawa

    Hearing anything about Canadian shows? Let us know at http://facebook.com/DMBCANADA

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  • Jeff

    While at the Gorge this year we actually met John Alagia and had a chance to talk for a while outside of his yurt. He informed us that Dave is working on solo material and that he had spent the month of August with him in Seattle working on just that. He did also mention that the band would be working on new material. In fact he said that shortly after our conversation he was heading up to meet with Coran to review the material at which point he dug through his bag to pull out a CD-R of new material. Unfortunatley we did not get a listen.

    • Colin

      Thanks for the info, Jeff. Too bad you didn’t get to listen! I wonder whether Dave’s solo album or the new DMB album will see the light of day first…

    • Shawn McKeown

      Wow. That’s incredible! Thanks for the good news!

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