Are these the Dave Matthews Band 2014 tour dates?

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UPDATE (Jan. 14, 10:30 a.m.): DMB’s 2014 tour dates are officially out.

This fan-made graphic of the purported Dave Matthews Band 2014 tour dates has been making its way around the message boards and social media today:

dave matthews band 2014 tour dates

The Dave Matthews Band 2014 tour dates were reportedly culled by altering the URLs of existing pages on the Warehouse’s website so they displayed yet-to-be-released information. The leaked dates even caught the attention of Boyd Tinsley on Twitter:



As always, the Dave Matthews Band 2014 tour dates aren’t official until we hear it straight from the horse’s mouth, so you might not want to book nonrefundable hotel rooms or plane tickets just yet.

3 Responses to “Are these the Dave Matthews Band 2014 tour dates?”
  1. romeyinfc says:

    It’s got to be legit: once again they’ve left out Colorado.

  2. Chad Jones says:

    I love that a photo I made is all over the internet, haha.

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