Live Trax 31 pros and cons

Dave Matthews Band will release Live Trax Vol. 31: Tweeter Center at the Waterfront, Camden, New Jersey on Sept. 16. It’s a recording from June 23, 2001, and 2001 was one of the most divisive tours in the band’s history. The Lovely Ladies guested on a larger number of songs, including some classics. Setlists became fairly predictable. And songs from Everyday dominated the concerts.

live trax 31That said, 2001 also had its bright spots, and the Live Trax 31 show was one of them. Let’s check out the pros and cons of DMB’s upcoming release, which you can pre-order from the Dave Matthews Band Official Store:

Pro: “Prelude to Grace”

One of the highlights of Live Trax 31 is this intro to “Grace Is Gone.” DMB played it live for the first time at this concert and has played it just one other time since, in 2004. The band originally recorded “Prelude to Grace” in the studio during the Lillywhite Sessions, but it did not appear on the album when it leaked in 2001.

Con: Lots of Lovely Ladies

Backup singers Tawatha Agee, Brenda White-King and Cindy Mizelle perform on eight of the 18 songs on Live Trax 31. No matter what you think of their talent, that’s a lot. One of those songs is “Best of What’s Around”; many fans’ sentiments began to turn against the Lovely Ladies once they began to appear on this and other DMB classics.

Pro: Rarities

DMB has released so much live material that fans who collect all official releases find themselves with dozens of versions of some songs. It can be tough to find shows that don’t pile on, but Live Trax 31 is one. As noted by, eight of the album’s songs have been released live less than 10 times. And a few have been released live less than five times.

Con: Rarities

Unfortunately, “Mother Father” and “Sleep to Dream Her” are two of these songs. There’s a reason DMB has only played “Mother Father” seven times ever, and why “Sleep to Dream Her” hasn’t been in regular rotation for more than a decade.

Pro: “Waste”

The other highlight of Live Trax 31 is Dave Matthews’ solo cover of Phish’s “Waste.” Dave had recorded the song a few months prior for a Phish tribute album.

What do you think are the best and worst parts about Live Trax 31? Let us know in the comments.

  • Rita Thomas

    Are the cons a joke??? They soynd like pros to me… waste of writing.

  • Glen Moon

    I’m glad Camden, NJ finally made it to Live Trax! DMB always plays great shows there, however, I think there are better choices of shows for Camden than this one, such as 7/20/04, 8/8/07, 6/27/12, 6/29/13, and even 6/14/14, or I’d be happy with a 1999 or 2000 show from Veterans Stadium in Philadelphia, but I’ll take it. :)

  • Justin Meader

    As someone whose first show was exactly one week before the date of this show, I’m excited to have a 2001 show available to me. That said, I remember seeing the sets and recordings from 99/2000 and being pretty disappointed in the 2001 tour. Not a great year for the band in a lot of ways. In any case, at least this will be available to fans so they have a high quality recording to compare, and they can see that transition from 1999 – 2003/2004.

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