Dave Matthews takes selfie with fan’s phone in Hartford

Dave Matthews took a selfie on stage in Hartford, using a fan's phone.

DMB covers Paul Simon in Camden

Dave, Tim, Carter and Rashawn played "Slip Slidin' Away" for the first time at a recent show in New Jersey.

Dave Matthews, Paul Simon play ‘Me and Julio’

Dave Matthews and Paul Simon performed the latter's classic "Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard" during a benefit concert for the Children's Health Fund.

Dave Matthews will play for you for $1 million

It costs a cool million to book Dave Matthews to perform at private events. That's according to Priceonomics, a data collection and analytics site.

Dave Matthews to play Children’s Health Fund benefit

Dave Matthews will share the bill with Aaron Neville at the Paul Simon-hosted charity event in New York.

Dave Matthews performs at Jane Goodall’s 80th birthday party

Watch Dave Matthews perform "Sweet" at a private event celebrating the 80th birthday of famed scientist Jane Goodall.

DMBnews.net Podcast #4: Anthrax’s Charlie Benante

Charlie Benante, drummer for the legendary heavy metal band Anthrax, is a huge Dave Matthews Band fan. He explains how that happened.

DMB summer tour acoustic set details emerge

Boyd Tinsley says Dave Matthews Band's next tour will feature "different groups of us doing acoustic things together."

Free Dave Matthews Band downloads available on official site

Fans can receive a full-band version of "So Right" and Dave and Tim's take on "Grey Street" by tweeting about Dave Matthews Band's summer tour.

Dave Matthews and LeRoi Moore in San Bernardino, 1996

Today's Throwback Thursday photo is from Dave Matthews Band's July 27, 1996 concert at Blockbuster Pavilion in San Bernadino, Calif.