New Dave Matthews Band album in works for early 2018

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Dave Matthews Band will return to the studio this fall with the goal of releasing a new album early next year.

That’s the news from Dave Matthews, who spoke to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette to promote this week’s Farm Aid 2017 concert. He and Carter Beauford recorded music for the new Dave Matthews Band album earlier this year, and there are several other songs DMB has worked on and performed over the past few years.

“We have a lot of stuff, so my plan is that we’ll put together some music this fall so we can have something out hopefully the beginning of next year,” Dave said. “Hopefully, get it finished before that. I think we have some great music and some stuff that Carter and I worked on that’s added to the pile. There’s a lot to choose from. I just hope I choose wisely.”

There has not been a new Dave Matthews Band album since Away from the World, which was released five years ago today. Since 2015, DMB has performed eight new songs live: “Be Yourself,” “Bismarck,” “Black and Blue Bird,” “Bob Law,” “Death on the High Seas,” “Plastic Girl,” “Samurai Cop” and “Virginia in the Rain.”

In the interview, Dave also discussed the recent protests in Charlottesville, life at 50 and his work with Farm Aid.

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  • Shannon Pannell

    You’ll choose wisely, Dave….we always do! #iamDave Can’t wait to see you & the Band again! And with any luck, I won’t have to see you &Tim in Mexico via Astral!