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Three new Dave Matthews Band songs debut at tour opener

Dave Matthews Band played three new songs for the first time last night in Charlottesville.

The new Dave Matthews Band songs — “Samurai Cop,” “Bob Law” and “Bismarck” — made their debuts on opening night of the band’s 2016 summer tour. The concert at John Paul Jones Arena in the band’s hometown also featured the first performance of “The Last Stop” since 2010 and the first full-band “Sugar Will” since 2010. Trumpeter John D’Earth made a guest appearance on “Jimi Thing” as well, and “The Song That Jane Likes” opened the show for the first time since 1994.

DMB worked on “Bob Law” and “Bismarck” with a full orchestra in the studio last year. A member of the orchestra posted sheet music of the two songs on Instagram at the time but later deleted them.

Watch last night’s performances of the new Dave Matthews Band songs here:

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